Young Economist Prize

Terms & Conditions

By submitting a paper you have agreed to the terms and conditions as set out below.

    1. You confirm that you are currently enrolled on a PhD programme in economics or finance (or a related field) and (if applicable) in the case of co-authored papers, that all co-authors completed their PhD no more than five years.
    2. You agree to give the Qatar Centre for Global Banking and Finance permission, on behalf of all authors if it is accepted for presentation, to publish, reproduce, distribute, display and store the paper (submitted text only), together with author names, and biographies where supplied in different formats including print, electronic and digital forms (including on the conference website and in the paper book).
    3. The author/applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the paper and should ensure that they have written entirely original work which does not infringe any copyright.
    4. The corresponding author/applicant should ensure that all appropriate co-authors and their institution/s are included on the paper and that the submission has been approved by all authors.
    5. Applicants give the organisers, their agents and representatives the right to use their names and likeness in promotional and other material published in relation to the conference including permission to photograph the presenters of your paper at the conference, which may be used on the conference website, in social media, and in digital and print formats.